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Keeping up with housing law is a full-time job. That's why we take the time to break down the biggest housing law changes in our primary markets to help you understand them better.

We also show you how to use Rent Application to stay in compliance with these laws -- automatically.

NY Housing Law 238-a and 227-f | Summary and Ensuring Compliance

In this article, we discuss NY housing law 238-a and 227-f introduced by the Housing Stability and Rental Protection Act of 2019, and discuss how agents can protect themselves.

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Louisiana Act No. 422 -- Summary and Next Steps

Louisiana's Act No. 422 affects how landlords screen their tenants. Learn what the bill requires and how you can automatically stay in compliance.

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New Jersey Fair Chance in Housing Act -- Summary and Discussion

A deep dive into New Jersey's Fair Chance in Housing Act and how Rent Application can help landlords and rental agents stay compliant, automatically

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Just Housing Ordinance Amendment for Cook County -- Summary and Discussion

A deep dive into Cook County's Just Housing Ordinance Amendment that alters the way landlords are allowed to screen potential tenant's criminal record.

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