Doc Signing Coming Soon to Rent Application!

James S

May 15, 2023

We're excited to announce the upcoming launch of a feature that we've had in the works for a long time: Doc Signing!

Everyone knows the hassle of going into Docusign or a similar software to send the same lease that you've sent a million times, and mapping the same fields all over again, switching tabs back and forth to Rent App to get the tenant information.

Then anytime you want to find the docs you have to go digging back through whatever signing software you used.

Those days are over! You will soon be able to send all of your documents for signatures right through your Rent Application dashboard, where they will live for your convenience.

This feature has already begun rolling out to some beta users, and will be available to everyone soon!

Mappable Fields

Mappable fields is the flagship feature of doc signing. Essentially how it works is that you can connect one of your Rent Application forms to your document. You can then pull in data about an applicant right from the form into the lease, automatically.

So once you set it up, you never need to edit the doc again. You can automatically have all the info you need -- applicant name, move in date, property address, etc. all in your doc instantly.

Just hit send and you're good to go!

Free & Robust

We built doc signing to be as feature rich as your current doc signing solution, while maintaining the ease of use that Rent Application is known for.

You can upload as many docs as you like, send them to as many people as you like, reuse the same doc multiple times, map fields, and more!

And the best part is that it's all totally free for Rent Application customers.

What We Want

Doc Signing will be here before you know it. But, in the meantime, here's what we want from you.

First -- let us know if you're interested in joining the Beta! It's ongoing now and we're always looking for passionate users to help us test and build out the feature.

Second -- What is your current workflow, and how can Rent Application improve it? What software do you use? How do you use it? Is it as efficient as you like? We want to hear from you!

Just use the form below to send us your thoughts.

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Deals take 2 hours instead of 3 to 4 days. I'm able to get information to clients quicker, they're able to decide quicker, and it gets deals progressing quicker.


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When we need to screen tenants, we need a service that's reliable, convenient and safe for all parties. Rent Application is all of that.

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